~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

loose dog, job interview 2

On my way home, I came across a black miniature dachshund trotting around across Genessee and in the street. I followed it to try to catch it but it went to this one trailer and sat ont he steps and barked at me and when I put out my hand to sniff he gave a couple warning nips to my knuckles. I didnt get an answer at the door- I knocked 3 times... so I went to the office and the chick there called them and left a message. She said if she didn't hear back in an hour she would call the shelter...
When I was leaving I saw him trotting down genessee again (in the road!). So I called the shelter myself when I got home... I didnt want to see the ferocious little guy to get smooshed! So hopefully he's ok. I just hate to see people not taking care of their animals...

So on to the interview. I talked to Jill again and met Ken, her boss. They still haven't technically offered me anyhting, but I talked to the lady in HR and she geve me another interview and they sent me to get a physical & drug screening... so I'm assuming thats a good thing. She (the HR lady) also said she wasn't sure of the exact pay scale cause she didn't have it right with her (she seemed surprised that they hadn't told me) but she said she thought it was somehtignlike 9/hr. She said it might be more but she though it was aorund 9. With a chance for increase after 6 months. So that would be cool.

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