~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

midland county fair concert, sky at apple mountain moon and mars [photos]

went to the concert at the Midland County Fair last night. Nifty stuff... had a pretty good view for most of it... the crowd was a little lame though so I didn't get to get as close as I'd have liked. it was Shinedown (who I hadn't head of though I recognized one of the songs), Seether, Our Lady Peace (was my second time seeing them), and 3 Doors Down (3rd time seeing them)

pretty good concert... though by the time we left I was so dehydrated. first thing we did after leaving was go across the street to the Meijer gas station and buy things to drink.

we also went a looked at the sky for a while... it was one of the peak nights for the august meteor shower... saw a few but the moon was so bright the stars weren't as visible as they usually would be when its that clear...

on our way out we passed by this pond and it was so pretty with the moon shining down on it reflecting the trees... so I took a few pictures


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