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Phone Post: work- kindergarten

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“I like the way some schools are just kind of.. ho-hum about the way they're run and they're not all strict. So I went down to the office and they told me that they weren't sure if there would actually be anyone in the room or if the room would be locked or not but if there wasn't anyone there to just take a break or a lunch or something. There isn't anyone here but the room was unlocked so that's fine. Then (?)... I dont know... people always look at me like I don't know what I'm doing- I mean sometimes I don't- but, still... I don't like to be looked at like that. A woman asked me "is this your first time subbing?" "God no!" I've been doing this for 4 years... do I really look that inept?... after doing this for 4 years? That's kinda sad. So anyway, I'll be taking my break for the next... twenty... five minutes? Yup, 25 minutes before they get back and have nap time. And then I'll be napping. *They'll* be napping, I won't be. So I'll still have some more time after that until about 1:15 and then it's snack time. Gotta love kindergarten!”

Transcribed by: crushedglass

I sound all stuffed up in this.... and growly voiced. I didn't feel like I was but I dont think I normally sound stuffy and gravelly so I must be a little. It went alright. They should pay more for kindergartens though. :)
Tags: school, voice post

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