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last night at home, ebay, site stuff, dreams

Last night I was home or a couple hours while Steve helped Ryan out with a job for a couple hours so Ryan could be somewhere else making some guy mad. It worked and everyone was happy... except for the guy I guess.

So I went home and listed a purse on ebay, added a little message thing to my entertainment section, and sent out a mailing list letter. The time went quickly and I felt decently productive.

I'll be home fairly early tonight too because Steve is going to hang out and watch the super bowl at his brother's.

I have coffee now and I think I'll be ready to tackle the day soon.

I had lots of dreams with people I didn't know. I met a boy named Daniel. He had red hair, a pretty face, and was in wheelchair. His mother was a little overbearing and seemed the type who would want to know details about anyone her son came in contact with... so what's her name and address.

I liked him... seemed like someone I'd like to really meet.

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