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whack ass dream

There was one chunk of dream that I am not sure where it came from... so if anyone has anything to offer on this I'd be intested.

I was walking down the street with Steve and one of my teeth loosened and fell out. This freaked me out and I was asking Steve what I ought to do about it and he was being very ho hum and not helpful and saying he didn't know. This bothered me and I was saying "well what would *you* do???" and he just didnt help. The dream moved on and we were still walking, going to my house I think and more of my teeth were falling out. We got to my house and I had some in my hand and some in my mouth and I didn't want to drop any because I wanted to have them saved nad put back in (maybe?) and I was looking in the back cupboard for a sandwich bag to put them in so I wouldn't lose them (at least this partly makes sense, I packed my lunch last night and in putting things away and putting things in my lunch I went through quite a few sandwich bags). Finally all of my teeth were gone and I was holding a bunch in my mouth and I dont know if I ever got a bag for them... I then was at the back door either just inside of it or just outside and Mary and Tom got there and they were laughting and it was all very exaggerated like it is when people are being laughed at in dreams in movies or on tv... they were laughing and making pig noises and asking me if I had been rooting around in the yard/garden...

and then I woke up and it was 2 minutes before my alarm was to go off.

So... what the hell did that mean???

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