July 1st, 2012

10/15/10 me pink hair

Went to look at two houses

I linked to the listing pages. There are more details in the Addendums as well.

McEwan [link]

good roof
enclosed porch
nice garage
nice yard
non-basementy basement
semi finished upstairs
very few repairs needed
decent neighborhood
central air
good sized suite for Biscuit
garage door opener

small kitchen
traffic noise
meh feelings

Carolina [link]

good feelings
more attractive interior
wood floors throughout
larger upstairs
back porch
larger kitchen
dishwasher hookup
better roof

no air
basementy basement / water
no water heater (would need to purchase)
original windows
needs kitchen sink hardware
needs 220 stove outlet (has hookup for gas)
bare yard
garage door damaged
potential chimney issues (brick looks a little rough? don't know the right words)
neighborhood in decline

house positives and negatives
forget me nots

house thoughts

I'm having difficulty with this house thing. Because there are so many different ways to go with it. My grandma and I could end up separate, or together, but the house choices in either case would be so very different. The two I posted about are just-for-me houses. Though Mary and I have also looked at/discussed some me/g-ma options.

With the two I just posted about, I'm having a difficult time. The one is a better choice in a lot of ways. Better condition, better neighborhood. But it's so small. And I just... feel so totally meh about it. I don't DISlike it. But I have no feelings of like for it either. It does have some really good points.

But the other one, I actually like. But it has more bad points! Ugh! But I like it! But one does need to look at practical things like neighborhood and resaleability too. But do you look at those those things over things like enjoyment of your living space? Or how much living space you end up with? I have no idea.

So I've been trying to get some other opinions. Just to see if there are things that I haven't thought of. I don't know how long I would be wherever I end up. So it could be a fairly short time, or not. Things change all the time. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes not.