June 28th, 2012

forget me nots


Talked to Mary today. I think it was an apology call. We ended our talk last night kind of grumpily. My grandma had another house she wanted to look at. It's on Janes, which has the potential to be very tough and dangerous. But there are better pockets. The listing makes it sound like it has potential. 4 bedrooms, walk in closets, air (I think) fireplace (l think), partially finished basement, wood floors. Also has a barn w/ electricity that's rented out for $150 per month. But Mary said it doesnt look like the pictures at all and is in a bad area and is a no go. Sad! Because it looked like it had so much potential! It gives me hope that maybe there is something out there that will work. I guess I should start doing my own initial drive by / walk arounds. I don't necessarily need someone with me for that.
I'm hungry. I have yesterday's dinner here at work that I didn't end up eating. But I'm without food at home. I should probably go shopping tonight or tomorrow morning.
It's weird how different people get different sides of someone. Mary said my grandma is unhappy all the time. But she doesn't come across that way to me usually at all.
Weekly meeting in a few minutes. Sunglasses are out in my car because I forgot that it might be today. It's so bright out in that little courtyard! So, so bright.

Less than an hour left. Perhaps tomorrow I can drag myself out of bed at a reasonable hour and get something done for a change. I need to start looking at real estate, I need to go shopping. I don't have any food.

I'm going to keep hoping that good things will eventually come my way.