December 3rd, 2011

biscuit sleeping

Biscuit stuff

Last night, he almost licked some tuna. Which doesn't seem like much, but it was the most interest he has shown in a plate in front of him since Wednesday morning.

Today he was seeming a little feistier. He meowed on the way to and from the vet. And tried to jump down from the table when he was getting his fluids.

He didn't fight me as much on the formula, which was good. So I think he got a little more than he has been.

Then I went to work and came home to find that he had dumped over his water bowl and made a big mess, AND, he ate a tiny bit of tuna! And then, he ate a tiny bit more! I gave him a little formula after he nibbled at the tuna for a bit. But then I accidentally made him make a little pain mew when I touched his fluid pocket. Maybe it's a little sore.

He goes back for more fluids in the morning.