December 2nd, 2011

biscuit sleeping


I thought he had worms. He's lost some weight, and someone threw up a worm on my bed a while back. So I kinda figured they all had worms. But he has gotten thinner and thinner and so Wednesday, I gave him some worm medicine and then watched him to make sure there would be no reaction or anything. It was then that I noticed that he didn't really eat anything that day and didn't really drink. And he seemed pretty dehydrated. So I forced some water down him with a syringe and confined him to the pink bathroom.

Took him to the vet yesterday. She gave him subcutaneous fluids. Had a hard time feeling his kidneys. She could only feel one of them and said it felt weird. Small, lumpy.

Took him back today for more. She tried to draw blood but he doesn't have enough blood pressure. So more fluids today, more scheduled for tomorrow. She was able to feel his kidneys today, they both feel small and lumpy.

She mentioned that Polycystic Kidney Disease was a possibility. The blood work will tell us more, as would probably xray/ultrasound.

He's still not eating or drinking. So I'm forcing formula and watered down baby food with a syringe. He's not too into it. But he needs it!

I'm worried about my baby. :(

Send good vibes his way.

It looks like (from my official google research) there may be a genetic test available using a cheek swab to determine if it's PKD.
forget me nots

More Biscuit

I tried to get cheek swabs to send off to the lab for the Polycystic Kidney Disease test, but he doesn't have much saliva right now and all I got was a little blood. It was too late to get it to the post office today anyway, I suppose. So hopefully better luck tomorrow with it. I gave him a little water. Then he threw up. Which seemed to open his poke wound on his neck from where the doctor tried to get blood earlier and so he dripped some blood. My poor baby. :(