July 20th, 2011

aww yeah

oh heat.

I held out as long as I could but I've retreated to the TV room and its AC. I'm going to catch up on some hulu and maybe read a bit. And it will be delightful. I'll try not to stay up too late because I'm aiming to get up before it gets unbearably hot tomorrow and maybe run a few errands.

Today I was up for my meeting at the chamber and it wasn't that bad. Of course, even by the time I got out, it was already starting to warm up.

Otherwise, I didn't do much today. Processed a few photos when I went to Mike's for lunch, blogged a bit, caught up on kitty blog reading.

I'm going to step out of my cool comfort in a minute to take the punkass kitten to the litter box and clean them.