July 8th, 2011

christmas santa muffin + biscuit

Happy Birthday Muffin and Biscuit!!

My babies are 4 today! The only icon I have with both of them together is a Christmas one. So I'm using it even though it's totally out of season. Whatever.

Go look at Muffin & Biscuit pictures. I'll wait. http://www.flickr.com/photos/angelle321/sets/72157601529164412/

It's crazy how far they've come and how much time has passed. Usually I'd have a pretty good sized kitty birthday party (yes, I know that's weird) but this year things are so different and broken. I'm not going to let the day go by unnoted. But it might just be me and the kitties celebrating.

Last night I set up my table at the free concert. I talked to a number of people and gave out some business cards. Hopefully something will come of it! He said I could set up at the next one too, if I need to. It's in a couple weeks. I may just do that.