March 13th, 2011

forget me nots

From Twitter 03-12-2011

  • 13:09:59: Had a naughty dream about a long-ago ex. What's up with that, brain?
  • 13:20:42: Biscuit is on my shoulders and doesn't seem inclined to go anywhere. This isn't the most comfortable way to sit.
  • 14:57:53: Head hurts.
  • 15:39:17: Stop hurting, head! >:(
  • 17:32:35: It looks cold outside
  • 18:57:15: I complain about hunger on here a lot. Sorry about that. But... I'm hungry! :(
  • 23:06:48: Finally ate. yay!
  • 23:27:36: I'm pretty sure I just got accused of being a dude because I don't own a cam.

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