January 27th, 2011

forget me nots

From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 09:08:08: up too late, up too early. blerg.
  • 12:51:38: looking forward to food and caffeine.
  • 15:28:57: I don't want you to catch a grenade for me. If we're together, I probably like you with all of your limbs, bits, and pieces intact.
  • 17:08:06: Cat vomit is so gross!
  • 17:53:19: I may have just lost a sale, but sometimes it feels so good to be able to say no.
  • 18:10:05: Spiced chai with coconut milk is quite good!
  • 21:36:12: Bad thing about drinking tea: the never ending need to pee.
  • 22:41:42: Helping my mother navigate facebook.
  • 23:05:46: My phone ear hurts.

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Got up early to take my grandma to get her free food box. Most of the time they provide pretty sucky stuff but she wants it, so whatever floats her boat I guess.

After that I went home to feed and caffeinate myself, then met new client (former coworker) to get paid, then went to Walmart to buy not grody coconut milk, went to the credit union to deposit money and cash rebate check (woo hoo!) and then back home. Jack threw up a few times. Poor pukey kitty.

Talked to other client who wanted some custom work but I could not provide it. I'm not too broken up about this, as it would have been no fun to do.