December 11th, 2010

forget me nots

From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 14:00:43: I should probably get out of bed and start the day.
  • 23:48:23: hung out with Barb & grandma today.
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Barb is all moved in. Now she's sorting through her stuff, getting organized, trying to pare down a little. The critters are settling in. Two of the dogs are out all the time. The one gimpy one is in pretty much all the time. And the kitties settled in like they had always been there.

It's supposed to be cold tomorrow. COLD COLD COLD. High of like 15 I think. Bleah. And today I think it could be pretty slippery. It's cold, light snow coming down, and wind. says:
Accuweather says:

So yeah. Winter is here. Doing it's unpleasant winter business.

Watched The Future of Food with Barb the other night. Troubling, scary things!

Yesterday was Mike's birthday. I bought him a cake. And we went out to dinner in Frankenmuth. Nomnomnom. He picked me up in Bridgeport, since I was at my grandma's and it seemed silly for me to drive back to Saginaw just to go to Frankenmuth.
We also stopped at the country store and I bought a Miche organizer for my grandma. She's been complaining that she can't keep anything organized in her purse. Hopefully this'll help.