December 4th, 2010

forget me nots

From Twitter 12-03-2010

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I swear I made more posts than this yesterday. Maybe not though. I took my grandma shopping again. We went to Meijer (where I bought the decongestant.) then to Kroger, Family Dollar, and Walgreens. Then when we got back, we ate candy, and I showed off the new site to my grandma. I don't think she's as excited as I am. I don't expect anyone is though. So it's ok.

Then I tried to look up some people she used to know. But I had already turned off the computer at that point and so I was using my phone. Much, much slower. And my battery got down to the single digit percent.

I made a few posts last night at the Mixx but they were after midnight so they won't show up until tomorrow's post.