December 3rd, 2010

forget me nots

December 2nd, since it seems to be missing from the list.

According to twitter, this is what I posted on the 2nd.

-My ear hurts. :( Stupid congestion. Why, body, why???

Ugh. I blew my nose and apparently made my congestion pressurize or something because my ear hurt for a while after that. I took a decongestant and gradually, things improved.

-I just dug around in code. I conquered! Yay me!

Since my site was back, I was able to finish what I had been doing when it died, plus tweak a few other things. But they were not easy things to change so I was quite pleased when I managed to figure out where the code was and what to do with it. Yay! / is really hard to mess with. and irritating.

I've had an account probably since not too long after I graduated from high school. But it appeared that I had multiple accounts and I couldn't figure out how to get into one of them to delete it. So I called their customer service. I think there may be only one of me now. Hopefully.

-I'm a terrible hot beverage drinker. Everything gets cold before I manage to finish it. I forget it's sitting there.

I take hours to drink a pot of coffee. Usually there is quite a bit of reheating involved.

I ended the day with some zombie killing. Then it was home to bed. Thus the next day's "zombie killing time" post. That was from the night before.