December 2nd, 2010

forget me nots

From Twitter 12-01-2010

  • 04:16:29: OMG I think I'm done, y'all!
  • 04:34:51: Or, I would be if my dashboard would load. Why??? This is totally not the time to misbehave, site! Grr!
  • 05:08:41: So sad, my site is broken right now. :( I put in a support ticket. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.
  • 05:11:34: Guess I better try to get some sleep. I hope the problem is fixed early enough.
  • 09:33:30: Soooo. Original problem appears to be fixed. But, alas, my site is extra broken in a different way now. *cries*
  • 10:27:46: Still waiting to hear something.
  • 12:59:49: Time to head to g-ma's for some errand running. Still waiting to hear something about my site. Cross your fingers for me, peeps.
  • 16:22:52: my grandma's chickadees are so tame.

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So yeah, here is where my site broke and I started freaking out. I sent a support ticket but still ended up sitting there obsessively refreshing the page for a while, hoping that something would show up. Eventually, I tried to get some sleep but failed completely and was up again in a couple hours. Grumpy, unrested, and still bumming about my site.
I got a reply on my support ticket. And an explanation on what went wrong. Apparently there was a partition on the server my sites are on that was too small, and it filled up. So they were making space and everything more or less came back. Except all of the content on the business site. Naturally. The one and only most important site out of all of my sites. I didn't know what the problem was. I wasn't getting a reply on my update to the support ticket. I spent the whole day worrying that I'd have to re-post everything from scratch.
I Had stuff to do stuff for my grandma so I was kept occupied.
I was so tired. So, so tired.

But OMG, sleep was wonderful that night. After no sleep, and a dose of Nyquil, I was OUT. And it was *awesome*. Oh, yes. Aaaand, when I woke up the next day, my site was all back. And I was so happy.