November 24th, 2010

forget me nots

From Twitter 11-23-2010

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In addition to the above, yesterday included some other stuff.

I got up early, after sleeping like 3ish hours. It felt unpleasant. Got my car started, which was good. Drove stuff to my grandma. Stopped on the way to get her breakfast, which made her happy. (yay!)

Left her house before I'd usually even be up. Felt so weird! Came home, talked to steve for a bit, got my work stuff together and headed over to Mike's. I'd like to say I was nothing but productive, but I did a fair bit of internetting. BUT! I also started the site update process, processed a bunch more of Holly's birth session, and wrote more of the site copy. I'm hoping to be ready for the relaunch on time, if not early.

Got to bed by 2. Couldn't sleep though. Stress. Took antihistimine. Slept for the next 11 hours or so.

Today I'm prepping for tomorrow. Cooking and cleaning.