November 19th, 2010

forget me nots

cough cough cough. srsly.

So the magical cough syrup didn't come through for me like I had hoped. Neither have the meds, really. I'm finally getting an antibiotic today though. Kind of my last resort before a chest x-ray, which I do not want.

Tonight I'm going to set up at the hall where my bazaar is tomorrow and then have dinner with the family. I'm actually going to only get about half set up. But it should save quite a bit of time and maybe mean that I can sleep in a little later than I would have otherwise. Plus this place is only about a mileish from me. So yay to that too.

Today for the next couple hours or so, I'm working on birth photos so I can use them when I redo my business site. I need to get it all written up too. Hopefully all of it together will make people want to hire me for it. See the value.

And I have coffee. Woo!

Also, I signed up for another site to post my twitter updates each day. So those will be back. They'll be behind a cut so it should be pretty easy to skip past them if that's not your thing. It won't hurt my feelings, and in any case, how would I know?