November 16th, 2010

forget me nots

codeine. mmmm.

So I finally got in touch with Carolyn, my NP, yesterday and she had a couple prescriptions called in for me. The most important one, to me anyway, is the cough syrup with codeine! OMG, yes! NO MORE COUGHING!

As a side note, I think this means I can say I've been sipping sizzurp. Let's me feel like one of those young hip people. Or not. Because I'm not really likely to say that with any seriousness. Also, I'm not so much "sipping" as I'm taking the recommended 1 tsp. dose all in one small gulp. Oh well. Guess today is not my day to be hip.

My grandma wants to go the library today. She has books due tomorrow and wants to get some new stuff to read. I'll finish my coffee, check my facebook, and head over there. I like the library.

Yesterday didn't bring too much more to get excited about. I watched House, and True Romance, which I hadn't seen in years.

Oh wait. Yes. An exciting thing. I got paid! So I have a photo order to get out today. And then to figure out how to package it up all lovely when it arrives. That's always fun. Minus the part where I also have to figure out how to not package cat hair in with the pretty stuff.