September 28th, 2010

forget me nots

daily blah blah

I'm a terribly journal updater. I don't know if anyone is reading anyway, so I might be feeling guilty for no good reason. My mother was the only one to nudge me about updating and I'm pretty sure she stopped checking due to inactivity.

I've had Cookie visiting since yesterday. She'll probably be leaving in a few minutes. Yay for kitty sleepovers though! Not that she comes here to see me. She growls at me because I prevent her from HAVING MORE FUN! She likes to attack the big kitties and gets pretty grumpy if you prevent this. I think it's funny though so I kind of make her mad on purpose sometimes.

Yesterday I ordered some more test cards so I can hopefully get the baby promo stuff started. I would love to start booking some newborn sessions. And if I could book maternity and births, that would be awesome too.

I had a newborn session today. She was absolute perfection. Chubby and pink and soft and dimpled. And sleepy! She was so cooperative! I cannot wait to work on them but there's a pretty long list still so it'll be a little bit until I get to them.

Tomorrow I'm taking my car to get looked at. Finally. I know it has lots of things wrong with it. I'd like to know what, how likely each thing is to cause me or the car to die, and how much each thing might be to fix.

Tomorrow while I wait to hear about my car I plan to bake things. Pecan Pie muffins, pumpkin and pumpkin blueberry muffins, and some sort of apple crisp-ish type thing. Yay!

I added a bunch of things to my hulu queue tonight. New shows I'm going to check out. I might not watch more than one episode of some but I'll at least give them a chance.

And some photos that have nothing to do with this entry at all. Just stuff I've posted to flickr lately.

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