September 2nd, 2010

jack in window

sick, bleah. plus some other stuff.

Jack is currently being aggressively lovey with my computer. And he's kneading on my knee.

Let's see. I've been sick. Started feeling it a little Monday. Tuesday I felt yucky. But that's when Holly had the baby, so I had to just suck it up and get myself to the hospital to photograph the birth. That went really well. I'll be able to get my marketing materials ready so I can try to book some maternity/birth/newborn sessions. We'll see.

I felt yucky yesterday too but I promised Holly I'd have some pictures for her for facebook/emailing first thing. So I worked a bit yesterday. Then took a nap. Then spent the evening on my ass watching the rest of Dexter.

Today I plan to do no work at all. I'm going to spend the day internetting, dvd watching, napping, and taking drugs.