August 24th, 2010


mostly unremembered dreams

I wish I had written some of this stuff down before.

One day last week I took a nap in the afternoon and had several dreams in a row that I woke up and ____ happened. In the first one, I "woke up" (only not really) when Barb came in (she really was there) and she asked me for something. A hair brush? A coffee cup? Seriously I'm bummed that I didn't write this down last week. Then I dreamed that I lay back down and went back to sleep again. That I dream woke up again. It was another dream involving Barb and I think she asked for the same item again. It was either in this dream or a third that I may or may not have had (It might have all just happened within two dreams) Steve was in it. I got up out of bed and looked in the TV room. It was empty. His bed wasn't in there where it should have been. So I was going to look for him. Or text him. Something. But when I turned around, I saw that he had moved his bed to the living room. He was laying down and had a kitten with him. It was super tiny and sickly looking. Looked like some sort of siamese mix. I think he had a few of them with him. In the dream I think they had been hanging around outside and he was worried about them or feeling sorry for them and brought them in. But I was all worried because they were sickly and I didn't want them to make the other kitties sick. I think we were discussing where to quarantine them. I don't remember what else. I think there was more to it.

The other dream I had on Saturday night when I was in Traverse City with Heather, Sarah, and Desi. I shared a bed with Desi. She was kicking me in her sleep. Punkass Desi! I did finally fall asleep. I had two dreams of note but I only remember the first one now. I was somewhere. And I know I wasn't alone. Mikale might have been there. But we had in our possession some sort of snack food. Packaged but not labeled except for pictures on the wrapper. It was small animals that were battered and deep fried whole. I had one that was about the size of a small guinea pig maybe. And I peeled off the breading and found a living critter. I at first thought it was a kitten. But it was a newborn puppy. Alive, though it had been battered and fried. I was rescuing it from it's snack food fate. I was going to take care of it/raise it. It was sucking on my finger. That's all I remember. It was disturbing.