June 7th, 2010

biscuit sleeping


I'm thinking I might take a nap here in a bit. I don't have much that I need to accomplish today. I need to call for my unemployment. I should try to make it to Meijer to get a gift bag. Then I can package the order for my senior's grandparents. Then I have Zumba at 7. That seems like it should leave plenty of napping time.

Watched Breaking Bad last night. Only one episode left for this season. I'll be all impatient for it to start up again. But there will be other things to take its place. True Blood. Then Mad Men. Then Weeds. Plus The Soup, Web Soup, Tosh.O, assorted other things. It would be dangerous for me to have cable at my house. Good thing I can't afford it. :p

Biscuit is on my legs taking a bath. He is so clean. He has the cleanest, silkiest, prettiest fur of all of the kitties. Good job, Biscuit!

Right now I'm reading Bag of Bones. I need to acquire the next book club book. Mr. Know It All. Or maybe it's just called The Know-It-All. Guess I'll have to find out. I have 5 weeks to get it and read it. Hopefully I can manage that. :p