April 16th, 2010

forget me nots

blahblahblah plus some pictures

I've been a terrible LJer again lately. I was even a terrible Twitterer there for a while. Let's see. I think I'm in danger of my unemployment running out. Not sure on that. I need to go down to the office and see what's up with that. So I'm hoping more than ever that I can get the business going a little better. I'm still not sure how to get more clients. How to get more people to know that I exist. I'm still working on doing as much as possible so that my work gets out there. Even when it means shooting for free. Though I'd really like to stop the free shooting. It's, um, not actually making me money. And money is useful. Duh.

But I did have a high school senior shoot this month and I've gotten a couple orders from previous shoots. And that's good! I'm hoping good things come of the senior shoot. Because she's a real actual stranger to me. And anyone who she connects me to will be someone new. Outside of my circle.

I also called Hidden Harvest to donate to their silent auction again this year. That's next wednesday. I have a mounted poster coming soon that I'll bring to have on display at the auction. It will hopefully be a little eye catching. I had my portfolio on display last year. Not sure if maybe I should do that too again this year or not. I really need to get a real book designed and printed. I think that would be nice to have to show. Plus it might make people want books of their own.

So I'm hopeful, but worried. And I really want to keep being able to do what I love. What I'm good at. But if it doesn't work out... then I guess I just have to look for something that will make me as unhappy as I was before. Beats not having money though, I guess.

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