January 6th, 2010

forget me nots

crazy dream this morning

Justin woke me up at 8 and we txted until going on 10. Then, though I thought about getting up, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

In my dream, Aubrey and I were supposed to be going to Florida. We were, I think, at the airport and she had a suitcase packed for me. And Tom was there for some reason. Doing some sort of work or something. And I realized that I had forgotten (?) or just somehow completely neglected to pack my most important things: personal care items and camera stuff. And so I was freaking out. And we were going to have to be leaving and I wasn't close to my house. And there was no one to bring the stuff to me. And I was all "Why didn't you REMIND ME???" And Aubrey got mad at me and I think stormed off.

Then suddenly, it was several hours later and I was somewhere else. With Andy, of all people, and it was like we were seeing each other for the first time in however many years it has been. And we were catching up. And he was being nice. And it was nice. And then I was on the phone with Mary and she was sounding all weird. Then the phone cut out and I was just hanging with Andy again. He had taken up smoking (maybe it was pot, I'm not sure) and had grown his hair back out. He seemed to think the smoking thing would be surprising to me. But I said something to him like that it was, but nowhere near as surprising as it would be if he got a facebook account or something. Now that would *really* throw me. Something like that anyway.

And then all of a sudden Aubrey was there. And apparently she wasn't mad at me any more. And I told her she should really call to see about getting our tickets changed.

Sometime after that I woke up.

Very strange.