December 19th, 2009

forget me nots

working today woo!

For free. Booo! But that's my own doing. I'm shooting for a friend and that's my close family/friend discount. I figure if I'm likely to want to hangout with you anyway, it feels wrong to charge. Maybe I need to just get over that. But I also figured that not paying for the shoot leaves more in the budget for prints and such. And that works out well for me too.

I think I need to start offering freebies to people who order in a timely manner. Like place your order in the first 3 weeks and get a free 5x7. People take forEVER to get their orders in. And dammit, I need the money now!

Ok I'm getting caffeinated but I should probably be getting dressed too. I need to leave in about 45 mins.