October 27th, 2009

forget me nots

Ingrid Michaelson, head, lazy, Billy, Halloween

Tonight is Ingrid Michaelson. Yay!

Had a headache last night. It sucked a whole bunch. I wished I had my new head meds to try. But I've been too lazy to make it down to the place where I can probably get it cheaper. Or pay $20-something more to not have to go far at all. Decisions, decisions!

I really should go to the gym today but I haven't managed to talk myself into it. I'm thinking it's not going to happen at this point.

I took Billy back to the vet yesterday. His original morning appointment got rescheduled because Dr. Winter was out of the office. So B does not have FIV or FeLeuk and when Dr. Winter is back in the office, we'll get him scheduled for his mouth work. Yay! Poor Billy though!

I ordered a couple corsets for my possible halloween costume. I need to try them on though and see if they work any better than the Frederick's one did. I still need to send that one back.