June 11th, 2009

forget me nots

Wednesday, day 10

Yesterday, Mikale and I cleaned out my car. I had been telling him for months that I would make him help me. I think I had him help me the last time I did it too. It is now much, much better. No longer looks like I live in it. Yay!

Afterward we walked down to the ice cream store for cones. Yay! I love Bumpy Cake. But it was too big and I don't think I even ate half of it. Bleah.

Then we went to grandma's where he was supposed to start his garden. Ran out of time though because Mary was coming to take him to get placed for swimming lessons. So today, I think they have a big day planned. Gardening, Hallmark store, library. And Melissa is supposed to be coming by with the kids to visit today. Yay! I haven't seen her in almost a year I think.

After that, I went to get some work done. Only I didn't have the notebook I needed so I worked on other things. That's how yesterday's post happened. Figured I might as well get *something* done, even if it wasn't the something I had intended. I'm going to start on the intended something today. Hopefully finish tomorrow.

Last night I hand washed two of my fancy bras, put away some clean laundry, went for a long walk, and stayed up too late. Which is why it is after 10:30 and I still haven't done a damn thing yet.

Shower time!