January 2nd, 2009

forget me nots

crazy dreams

I wish I remembered more of my dreams from last night. I know in one part I was in some city and there were two chicks together down the street and I was on my way to the train (?) and I thought that they were going to grab me and take me somewhere if I turned around. So I ducked into a store, hoping they wouldn't see me and I could lose them and then continue on my way. It was a clothing store and while I was moving around the store, among the racks of clothes, Biscuit jumped up on my shoulder. He jumped back down and I was trying to catch him when the guy attending the door (why a clothing store had a bouncer I don't know) opened it to let him out. I punched the guy in the arm and said "Jerk!" and went out to catch the cat. Then it was Billy instead of Biscuit. I did not notice this change until I was awake. It remained Billy for the rest of the dream.

I was walking down the street with Billy in my arms and I was trying to get somewhere. Either home, or back to somewhere familiar. At some point, Steve was with me and someone else. And we met up with Luisa from my photo classes and she had a bloody nose like someone had hit her. She gave us directions to find someone who we were supposed to follow. At one point, I noticed Billy wasn't in my arms any more and I went and called him. He came back to me and I continued walking, carrying him. Good thing he was much more chill in my dream than he would have been really.

We started following a girl on a bike and she took us to a house(?) with a big yard and trees. It was pretty and felt safe. I'm pretty sure we were only supposed to be stopping there briefly. I don't know now tough because that was right about where my alarm went off.

Something about the dream was unsettling, though at the time we were in a place that was not.
forget me nots

the daily twitter

  • 10:01 At work. Hated coworker is back today. Didn't expect her until Monday. Also, posted about my dream. It was odd. tinyurl.com/8teujc #
  • 10:37 The wedding inquiries are starting again already. #
  • 11:34 My throat kinda hurts. I don't want to get sick. #
  • 11:41 I have Dr. Horrible songs in my head. I have for several days. Been listening to the soundtrack in my car. #