November 7th, 2008

forget me nots

the daily twitter

  • 11:32 sent out big photo order, taking shower, going on date with mary & g-ma for their birthday (which is today!) #
  • 17:47 went to see Changeling. I really liked it. Just came back from a walk. #
  • 19:45 muffin, who is bigger and heavier than biscuit, was just on my shoulder licking my hair. they are weird. #
  • 20:17 I'm making an experimental loaf of pumpkin bread #
  • 20:25 Biscuit really likes canned pumpkin puree. #
  • 20:31 My back hurt bunches when I got up but it's improved now. For now anyway. Let's see how I sleep tonight! #
  • 21:53 bread is tasty. I won't really be able to compare until it cools but right now, warm with butter, it is fabulous! #
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