September 18th, 2008


(no subject)

I need to be drinking more water. I feel all puffy and gross. Probably because of the too much salt and sugar I've been consuming lately. Blah. I have a bottle sitting here looking at me. Still full.

Yesterday was long. I once again didn't get to bed early enough. Had work, then class, then stopped home to change, have lunch, gather camera stuff. Then I went to g-ma's and visited, got my mail, played some Jeopardy with g-ma and Mikale. Then I had to be off to Barb & Harry's to take more pictures of the car. Hopefully the last set of them. Hopefully he'll get the damn thing sold. Then back home for walking. Then bed. Late for me.

Today I have things to proof and things to type. But plenty of time to do it. Sometimes that's worse. Then I put it off and nothing gets done.

I talked to Linda yesterday and I have some ideas on how to approach my processing for the two senior jobs. This is good. Today I should have time to work on that.

Way exciting I know.

Still other things on my mind. Not sure what to think about that.