August 27th, 2008

forget me nots


Mikale is the best shopping companion. Everyone should get one! He was tough! When I would stop to look at other kinds of shoes he would yank my arm and scold me "you're on a mission! come on!" As a result, I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Two of them are going back. So I have shoes! Yay! And a dress! And. Oh wait. I'm still probably not going because there is no one to go with! *cries* I just wanna wear my dress!

Also, I talked to my contest winner today. I'm very excited to do her shoot.

I also talked to Harry and he bugged me about sending the dude more car pictures. So I did that when I got home. I just hadn't had time before.

Tonight I need to call Linda after 8 to discuss the possible independent study for second semester. I'm hoping she won't tell me no. I'll work this time, really! I want back in the dark room!