August 14th, 2008

forget me nots

an assortment of things to cover today

So yesterday I got a for real call from an actual potential client. Her phone was dying though so we only got to talk for a bit. She thinks I'm cheap. :( I still don't know what to do about the charging thing. But in tis case it might serve me well because it makes it more likely I'll get the job. And I could really use it. She was going to check out my site and call me back when her phone was charged. She didn't call last night so I'm hoping it just got too late. I'll call her this afternoon if I haven't heard anything by then. I'm pretty excited though. I'm trying not to be because nothing is official yet. But still! A real call! From someone I don't even know! Woo!

My legs are all sore from my workout a couple days ago. The second day is so ow! But I'm going to make sure I do something today anyway. I am determined to stop being fat. Dammit. For real this time. Plus I have a dress coming and I want it to have the best chances possible of fitting. It's super cute. I even have shoes that I'm pretty sure will go with it.

This morning has gone less smoothly than it does sometimes but I got it all worked out. I have stuff to keep me busy for a while. Hopefully today won't drag like yesterday did.

My head hurts a bit but I'm hoping that will go away. Stupid head.
mikale monster RARRR!

an old soul

He actually said this to me today when I told him we were having a hard time figuring out why suddenly he's behaving the way he is. He's just been so weird. When he was little he would cry and cry if he was left alone even for a minute but he had gotten out of that as he got older. Now this summer, fairly recently, he's started getting all weepy each day saying he misses Mary and wants to talk to her and on and on. We don't know what's bringing it on. He's driving my grandma crazy. This is his explanation:

"It's like my whole life, I was sleeping. When I was little, I didn't notice how long of hours she worked. But when I woke up, when I was older, I noticed how long of hours she worked and I got sad."

Seriously, he's 7. SEVEN. He amuses me and amazes me and I don't know what we're going to do with him.