July 8th, 2008


long day yesterday

After I finally escaped, I went back to my grandma's. I made us some tea, visited a bit. Stayed until almost 7 I think. I stopped at eeevil Walmart before going home. I wanted to pick up a small gift bag and card for Pat and some containers for my new fancy tea. I was successful with all of it, plus I picked up salt and pepper grinders and some healing lotion.

When I got home, I made the little gift up for Pat and knocked on her door to give it to her. We talked for a while about the cats. Sounds like it all went well on her end. She said the cats were scared by the neighborhood firework noises. Mr. Baby Cat hid in the basement. Poor Mr. Baby Cat! :( She said they were very well behaved and they adjusted to her routine pretty well.

I transferred my tea to the new containers. I lined them up on the counter next to my tea pot. It looks nice. Perhaps I will take pictures. I put together a package for hellomokona. It will be mailed out today.

I had a lean pocket and wheat thins for dinner. Not terribly satisfying but I couldn't find anything.

It took me a long time to fall asleep. So I'm tired today.

Also, another cat thing. When we got home Sunday night, we found the remains of an oooolllld packet of chicken (the kind that you can keep on the shelf like tuna). The package had puffed a little and I was just keeping it to see what it would do over time. So it was years old. And they found it and, apparently, ate it. Happily. The package looked like wild beasts had ripped it open and there is no trace of chicken anywhere. Not in the house, not in the package. How incredibly disgusting!