July 3rd, 2008

forget me nots

we have arrived!

Oh my god it took so long! We were sitting still forever. We went through a lot of stormy weather. The storm knocked down a tree onto the highway and traffic had to merge and people don't merge well. So that's what slowed us down. It added a couple extra hours to our trip. We killed a lot of time playing a famous people name game. First person names a celeb then the next person has to name one whose first name starts with the same letter as the first letter of the last person's last name. I just made that sound way more complicated than it is. Ok easier: 1st person says Perry Como. Next person must come up with someone whose 1st name starts with "C". Say, Christina Applegate. So next turn has to be a person with a name starting with "A". And so on. That kept us busy for a very long time. Then we listened to a bunch of music.

Now we are very tired. Well, I am very tired anyway. I have not consulted Steve on this. Wouldn't make me any less tired!

Stranger was having a reaction to his vaccination I think. He was listless, hadn't eaten, and when he pooped it was runny and mucusy. Gross. So I made him drink some formula with the syringe and wrapped him up in a warm towel to nap. I gave him a bath and dried him but did not put any Frontline on. Figured I ought to give that a few days so he can recover from his shot.
forget me nots

the daily twitter

  • 00:42 Finally here! Drive took extra time. Big storm knocked down tree on highway. #
  • 11:57 Awake. Need shower and food! And to clean KK's litter box. off to do all of that now! #
  • 14:37 Headed out to the Hello Kitty store and Teavana. Wee! #
  • 19:50 Bought hello kitty stuff. Bought lots of tea. Bought chocolate. Going to see Hancock. #
  • 19:59 Knocked full cup of cherry coke on my feet. Dammit. #
  • 22:12 I really liked Hancock. I like will smith in non nicey nicey roles. #
  • 22:26 Overheard: girl 1 (18 yrs old) you have your grandparents on your top 5? Girl 2 yeah but I'm ten! #
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