June 6th, 2008


It's kitten season again!

This afternoon Mary called me and told me about a kitten they had at the house. Apparently a neighbor found it in the road. He drove by, thought it was dead, saw movement when he looked back and turned around. He moved it out of the road but thought it was a goner. He wanted to shoot it (!) but his woman wouldn't let him. So he went to talk to Tom (why, I'm not entirely sure) and so Mary went down there too and found that it wasn't all squshed up. Soaking wet and not moving though. So she took it home and dried it off. Had it in the (very large) living room closet but didn't know if it had eaten or drank anything.

That was all yesterday. Today I got the phone call about it and she though I might like to come over and take a look and give my opinion. She was gone taking Mikale to the doctor (I almost typed vet. ha!) when I got there (he's still sick) and so I looked the kitty over. I decided that he looks about 5 weeks old and didn't have anything visibly ailing him, and called the vet to see if I could get squeezed in today last minute like it was. It was probably around 4 at that point. They said yes (yay!) and I was off. Tom told me that yesterday the kitty looked like it was bleeding from the eye.

While I was in the room waiting, I held the kitty and took a better look. Found that he is a he, saw some little cuts next to his eye (which could explain the bleeding yesterday), and saw that he seemed to be holding himself pretty rigid. But otherwise I couldn't see much else. Also, he was dehydrated and a bit bony.

I saw Dr. Peters, who isn't my favorite. He confirmed the stuff I did notice. He also tested kitty's eyes and they reacted the way they were supposed to. He took his temp and he didn't have a fever. He listened to his heart and said he has an irregular heartbeat. He has an extra beat in there sometimes.

They gave him some fluid under the skin, for the dehydration, and a shot of cortisone, just in case he was hit by a car. Since we don't know for sure.

I took him back to Mary's from the vet but then I took him to g-ma's, for multiple reasons. She has the time and the stuff to be nurse to him. He needs some pretty special care for the moment. He can't really hold himself up or walk around very well. I'd guess that he's sore from whatever he had happen. He's just a baby. Sometimes he would wake up and cry a bit and when I picked him up he would stop crying and go back to sleep. Perhaps he misses his mama cat.

I mixed up some formula and fed him a couple syringes of it a couple times while I was there and just before I left, my grandma and I fed him some cat food. I held him upright and she held the dish under his face. He ate quite a bit, for his size anyway. I followed it with another half syringe of formula. Then I gently wiped him down with a damp baby washcloth.

She said she'd probably try to feed him again before she goes to bed and if she gets up in the night will check on him and see if he wants anything. He gets to stay in the bathroom by himself in his box with towels.

Tomorrow I will go back with missing ingredients for home made formula and mix some up. I am tired. It is time for bed!
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