June 4th, 2008


first reply to my craigslist ad...

but alas, she's looking for a wedding photographer.


I saw your ad on craigslist and had a look at your website. I would like to know if you also do Wedding photography. I didn't see any on your website, however, I am interested in getting pricing information if you do.

My wedding, and reception, is 10/18/2008 in Frankenmuth/Bridgeport. Please let me know if you are available.

Thank you,


and my response:

It pains me to reply to you this way... but (that kind of start has to be
followed by a but, right?) my focus is on natural light portraiture and
weddings typically require flash work. I'm not a fan of the look of it and I
would not be comfortable providing you with work that is below my quality

I can offer you recommendations to two photography studios whose work I
greatly admire and respect.


I would have loved to work with you!


Now if someone will just want some of the things I can do well. High school seniors, children, babies, families, couples, head shots, individual portraits, pets.
forget me nots

taking gracie to the vet

I went to g-ma's as soon as I got out of work. She was supposed to have newly spayed Gracie to the vet to get her stitches out. Mikale decided to come with me and I confirmed the directions with g-ma while he got his socks and shoes on. I haven't gone that way in several years so I thought a refresher was probably a good idea. Apparently we did not go over one very important turn because I ended up driving forever and ever in the wrong direction until I realized I was nowhere I knew and called my grandma. My signal was pretty lame there so it kept cutting out and at one point just disconnected completely. My grandma talked to Barb and then Barb called me, fortunately while I was in a signal pocket. Rather than lose it I pulled over while I talked to her. She told me about the turn I should have taken and landmarks around it.

Eventually we got there but not before driving a good half hour in the wrong direction. But all was well and Gracie got her stiches out. Then I gave them a bunch of money for flea stuff for my kitties for a couple months. Since now I know that indoor cats can indeed get fleas. must be through the screens.

Today my head hurt. Not until later in the day though. And my jaw didn't hurt as long as I wasn't really opening my mouth. Easy enough unless I wanted to eat something. And my bladder is being icky again. I will start hitting the cranberry again. Blech. Double blech.
forget me nots

Thursday 13 #25 things that made me frown this week

1. my jaw hurting
2. my whole damn body hurting from badminton on Saturday. I am so out of shape!
3. my head hurting
4. getting a response to my craigslist ad but having to turn the girl down because it's not something I feel comfortable doing
5. putting lots of money in my gas tank
6. going through more than a quarter of that tank of gas going on my little "detour" today
7. eating junk and then feeling all gross
8. being tired
9. being bored
10. not getting to bed on time
11. various things Steve does
12. kitty misbehavior
13. bad skin
forget me nots

the daily twitter

  • 03:57 Brushing teeth. Headed to bed. #
  • 06:03 Jaw was feeling improved. Until I opened my mouth to eat a bowl of cereal. Now I'm feeling it again. #
  • 06:36 It's 58 out right now. Wish that helped me figure out what to wear. It doesn't. #
  • 09:00 Time to get to doing stuff. Wee stuff. Reading and typing and junk. #
  • 10:54 My twitter isn't updating. I have a reply and it's not showing up on this main page. Grrr, twitter, grrr. #
  • 11:19 My jaw does not hurt as long as I don't really open my mouth. This makes eating comfortably a bit of a challenge. #
  • 12:26 hungry! #
  • 12:57 Time to head on out of here! #
  • 18:17 the good and awesome news: I got an answer to my craigslist ad! the bad news: she's getting married. :( #
  • 19:41 journalled about the craigslist stuff. It made me sad to reply to her. #
  • 20:04 Head hurts, jaw aches, bladder misbehaving again. Sleeepy and just plain ready for bed time. After a shower. #
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