May 1st, 2008

forget me nots

Thursday 13 #20 Spring!

13 things I like about spring!

1. not feeling cold
2. the color of the sunlight changes
3. more birds singing
4. more daylight
5. green things sprouting
6. more photo opportunities
7. flowers!
8. more walking
9. the smell of the air (spring just smells good!)
10. no more coat! (except for days like yesterday when it's 30 degrees and frosty in the a.m.!)
11. opening the sun room for me and the cats
12. opening the doors and windows and letting in some of that spring fresh air
13. that it means winter is done. (which is important to me. I'm not a winter sort of person!)

Visit to get the code and to find other participants. Comments welcome and appreciated.
forget me nots

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