March 28th, 2008

forget me nots

the daily twitter

  • 06:04 How did it get to be Friday again already?? Weird! I'm not hungry but I need to eat or I'll be trying to chew my arm off at work. #
  • 06:24 @Mokona This makes so much more sense now that I've read your LJ post! #
  • 06:27 Ok I'm making myself late again. Hate that! #
  • 08:24 I have blueberries,strawberries and yogurt. Mostly it's fruit though. Which is better. Also, I have a to-do list ready for me to tackle it! #
  • 08:27 Today is "Something On a Stick Day." Celebrate! #
  • 09:23 @Mokona That's going to be in my head now. There are worse things though I suppose! #
  • 09:45 I swear all I do all morning is eat. Now I have multigrain crackers with natural PB (with flax seeds!) & cherry-blueberry spoon fruit. Mmm. #
  • 10:06 @Mokona I haven't. I tried it at a friend's house & fell in love with it. Then (yay!) I received some for my birthday. Weird gift, but good! #
  • 10:07 @Mokona You and your head sticky songs! #
  • 10:59 My head kind of hurts. Headache never fully went away last night. Now want to-do list to be done already! It should do itself for me today. #
  • 11:09 BBox: Do you hope Saginaw County gets the 7.3 in. of snow it needs to break the record for 2nd snowiest winter? No. Definitely, no. #
  • 12:28 Time to go! Hello weekend! #
  • 14:17 @skater80 You do! One can always use more ways to waste time! That way you have options. :) #
  • 14:18 @knitmeapony I love that guy! #
  • 14:24 @knitmeapony Jon LaJoie. it added my reply to a different one than I actually replied to. Weird. #
  • 15:08 Now Wil Wheaton has the Bloodhound Gang in my head. It's just one of those days. #
  • 15:36 Ever get something bready stuck in your esophagus? Did that today. Then for 20 minutes spit up water, slime & bread bits while it went down. #
  • 15:39 Biscuit is naughty. He escaped from kitty jail, then ran down to the basement & hid & wouldn't let me catch him! He's back in jail now. #
  • 15:51 testing gtalk through trillian #
  • 16:18 @knitmeapony Yes I am! It sounds more complicated when you say it like that. :D #
  • 16:32 Playing Wii tennis before going to eat dinner even though I just ate and am not hungry at all. Sad. Genji is so good. :( #
  • 18:40 Full of yummy Genji food now. Yay! #
  • 22:41 Played wii tennis and wii bowling. Unrelated, I am thirsty. Will make gatorade at home. #
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