March 20th, 2008

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Thursday 13 #14 - things about me

13 assorted things about me

1. I don't like milk. I make exceptions only if it's ice cold and with cereal or cookies.
2. I worry way too much about looking stupid. It holds me back from far too much.
3. I only keep piano nails now that I don't play the piano.
4. I have had Bonnie since I was 7. I still sleep with her.
5. I make lots of lists. I like them.
6. I like the freshness and crispness of new items.
7. One of the biggest reasons for keeping a journal is so I can remember things. Everything fades too much otherwise.
8. I worry that people don't/won't like me.
9. I'm not really into surprises. Except maybe at Christmas.
10. I procrastinate.
11. I often show too much cleavage.
12. I don't know how to make friends.
13. I like Skee-Ball, particularly when I can enjoy it with alcohol.

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forget me nots

All I have in this life is my balls

Photo0436.jpg, originally uploaded by angelle321.

This picture just does not do this justice. At all. So the top is pretty much this image. I think you can sort of make that out. Then on the bumper the text reads "All I have in this life is my b*lls" and under that, dangling from just below the license plate are some shiny chrome looking testicles. And the license plate reads "littlet" (Little T?). Too much awesome all on one car.

mikale monster RARRR!


Mikale: I'm gonna choke my mom.
me: that wouldn't be very nice.
Mikale (in Yoda voice): An expression that is!
me: *giggle giggle snerk snerk*
Mikale (still in Yoda voice): Funny that isn't (or something like that)
me: *snerk some more*
forget me nots

I went on a camping trip and I took...

We just played a game. "I went on a _____ and I took ____" We went back and forth through the alphabet listing what we took.

I went on a camping trip and I took...

an Absolute ripped up piece of paper
a Brat
a Crippled fish
a Doorknob
a Elephant
a Fairy
a Giant pickle
a House
International internet
a Joke book
a Kid
a Loud radio
Mackinac Island fudge, 3 lbs
a New jack-in-the-box
an Octopus
a Queen cake
a Renault
a Silly Santa
a Tent
a Unicycle
a Vent
Whiny Wendy
a Xylophone
a Yo-yo
a Zebra