March 18th, 2008

forget me nots

kitty jail

I can't tell if Biscuit's blobby part is smaller or not. It might be. It feels a bit like a water balloon.
He doesn't like being stuck in the bathroom all the time but he's being much better about it than I would have expected. I've been spending as much time with him as possible. Which means I've been hanging out in the bathroom. Woo! But laptops are portable and that is a good thing. So at least I have something to do while I'm snuggling him and he's purring and sleeping.

I've noticed that he doesn't seem to eat much when he's in there alone but when I go in with him he all of a sudden starts chowing down. Poor baby is lonely I bet. Usually, I go in, he looks at me all hopefully, I close the door, he starts purring and then starts chomping. And purring. Then maybe kneading on the blue mama pillow. And purring. Then some snuggling and napping. And, of course, more purring.
forget me nots

plans, e-mail

Today I'm picking up Mikale so I don't think I'll stay here later because I don't want to leave Biscuit shut up alone for that long. I'm just going to lose some hours this week. Alas. Oh wait! No, I've just learned that I can take half-days for vacation. So I'll be down less than I thought.

When sending an email today, I noticed I was able to find my email addresses again! For a while after they changed things, on the compose email page, the whole list of contacts displayed on the right or the page. Before there was just the list of "favorites" that you set yourself. Now the favorites list is back. I only email a few people regularly so it was kind of an annoyance to have to scroll through the whole list every time I sent an email. This is better.