March 13th, 2008


dreams and Biscuit

Right before I got up this morning, I was having a super strange dream. I don't remember the things leading up to the end part now. I was at work and doing something. But as I was standing next to the proof box, Bernie said something to Eric about being careful (I think) and made reference to some thing he had that predicted danger somehow or soemthing. Anyway, he said something to Eric about 50,000 attacks showing up as happeining to him in a minute and a half. (from then or duration of time, I'm not now sure). Then some people burst in. And I didn't even hesitate, I ran from the room into what would Maureen's office but when I was in it, it looked nothing like it. First I was hiding under the desk but I decided that wasn't safe enough I guess and I went for this closet (it's not really there but in the dream it was) and started climbing up, above the rack to the two shelves above. Then I was going even higher, through the ceiling panels. It gets a little fuzzy after that. So strange.

Now Biscuit is sleeping on my lap. Earlier he was being so weird. He climbed on my lap and started sniffing and licking my hair. Apparently I am wearing some sort of Biscuit bait but I have no idea what it is. Then he climbed up on my shoulder, still licking and nibbling at my hair and started biting at it and being all chompy on my hair which ended up being my neck because he was being so enthusiastic about it. I made him get on the couch and he had a little time out. Now he's crashed out on my lap.

Crazy little Biscuit.
forget me nots

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04/04/05 Dorothy

04/04/05 Dorothy, originally uploaded by angelle321.

Dorothy C. Miller
Miller, Dorothy C. Bridgeport, Michigan Passed away Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at Tendercare of Frankenmuth age 94 years. Dorothy Caroline Rauh was born January 16, 1914 the daughter of the late Martin and Emma (Eberlein) Rauh. Surviving are two daughters, Maxine Harris, Bridgeport and Doris Korell, Selbyville, Delaware; five grandchildren; eleven great-grandchildren; a sister Vera Mallonen, Pontiac; several nieces and nephews. Dorothy was also predeceased by three sisters and a brother. Cremation has already taken place. Memorial arrangements will be finalized at a later date. Arrangements by W.L. Case & Co. Funeral Directors.

This was my neighbor. I didn't know her well but she walked with my grandma and with me sometimes. She was nice.

forget me nots

Biscuit has bulges he's not supposed to

I'm really feeling awful about this. I feel very responsible for not being stricter and not following directions like I was supposed to.

Biscuit has a bulge up by his left armpit. To me it feels very much like his former bulge did and not like the fluid pocket he was most recently carrying around. No matter what, it's much bigger and thicker than the fluid pocket he was most recently carrying around.

When I realized this really, it was earlier this afternoon but it had been hitting me more subconsciously at least part of today and maybe yesterday too. So then it was about 6 and I'm kind of freaking out feeling terrible and so I called MSU trying to get ahold of Dr. Guillou. The girl who answered the phone said he would have to pull my file and took down my nimber. When I hadn't heard anything back by about 20 after 8, I called back and spoke to a Dionne. She was very nice and hadn't heard about Biscuit from last week. She sounded very surprised and concerned when I told her about him. So she found out for me that Dr. Guillou is out of town right now and is supposed to be in tomorrow but I think she also told me that he's not in service (?) until April 7, definitely too long. After I told Dionne in more detail about Biscuit's case, she paged this other Dr. and the other Dr. (Dr. Stanley) called me back soon after.

Dr. Stanley sounds like she's from over the pond somewhere and sounds very, very nice and was very reassuring. She said she talked to Dr. Hauptman (the overseeing Dr. who I felt a little ruffled by that first day but I believe he knows his stuff) and that it's unlikely that any sutures came loose inside but that she would hate to be wrong and so he should definitely be seen. In the event that some sutures did come loose, they'd have to re-suture him. She made it sound all easy as pie that way. And I really appreciated that. It was very reassuring to hear it in those terms. She also sounded very understanding about how difficult it can be to keep a kitty in lock down.

She said what I'm feeling is probably the seroma. But it feels different to me. It feels like his bulge did. She said they'll probably do an ultrasound, or they might be able to tell just be feeling him. But that they'll determine if the sutures are all still in place and go from there.

She said that I could either bring him in tonight, where emergency could look at him, but that it would be $100 just to come through the door, or I could bring him in tomorrow and it would be a free follow up check. In the event that he needed re-suturing, he'd stay over and have it done and probably stay a day or so after that. I suspect something is not right in there, not because of their surgery but because he's been so terrible about staying still. It's a hard decision to make but the bulge doesn't seem to be bothering him. So I made the appointment for tomorrow at 2. I'll have to leave work a little early but I will be able to go in in the morning and get the rest of my work done for the week.

She's the bottom one. I have no idea what all those letters mean.

Google says:
BSc: animal behavioral science
BVMS:Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (a DVM equivalent maybe?)
MACVSc: can't find out what this one is. anyone know?
MVetSc:Master of Veterinary Science
Diplomate ACVS: Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons

So it sounds like Dr. Stanley is pretty great.