March 6th, 2008

forget me nots

Thursday 13 #12 things on kitchen table

13 things on the kitchen table

1. My laptop, which I am using to type this.
2. My cup of coffee. I'm using my bunny cup today!
3. Two bottles of Cava
4. Three dirty coffee cups that should be in the sink or dishwasher.
5. Muffin. He likes to sleep next to the computer.
6. A blue pencil with pictures of little snow men on it.
7. A happy meal toy.
8. Cutco super shears.
9. A big bottle of listerine that hasn't made it's way to the bathroom yet.
10. A scrub brush.
11. A Christmas bingo game.
12. A plastic bag.
13. A fortune from a fortune cookie. "There is a true and sincere friendship between you both."

Apologies that it's not too interesting. Benn busy this week with all of Biscuit's stuff!

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biscuit sleeping

Biscuit is not allowed to have any fun

Biscuit is not supposed to be running, jumping or playing. Yesterday after letting him get settled a little, I took him with me to the tv room full of all the fluffy pillows and foof chairs and made him stay in there with me with the other cats out and the door closed. He got out for a couple breaks but otherwise had to stay right there through the whole afternoon/evening. He slept for most of it.

When we're sleeping or working, he has to be in the pink bathroom by himself. He has a squishy fluffy pillow, food, water, a litter box, and not so much opportunity to do the things he's not supposed to. I'm letting him have a little freedom right now. He was sleeping on my lap for about 40 minutes and then he got up and ate some kibble. He went down to the basement for a few minutes. I tried not to worry about him and figured I'd check on him if he hadn't come up by the time I wrote this. He doesn't look like he wants to snuggle any more right now.

His belly incision looks good. His castration site looks a little pink. But I don't know if that's normal pink or something to worry about pink. He's been washing it but he peed yesterday in the carrier right after Kate put him in it and so I'm trying to let him have some opportunity to wash himself and have been trying to figure out if he's just doing that or if he's bothering his still healing bits down there.

I might page Kate this morning. I actually do have a few questions now. Like when can I relax the no fun rule a little? I have a few more written down. But now it's time to finish getting ready to go to work. Wee!

EDIT: I did page Kate and she answered all of my questions.
She is all sorts of awesome.

1. I learned her last name.
2. The shaved part on his right front leg was his catheter site for the IV if they needed to give him fluids and stuff.
3. I can help him clean himself any time, provided he'll let me. It could be a couple weeks before he is able to do it a little better himself because of the soreness.
4. The bony bump on his left side is a part of his ribs. There are two parts of the ribs, the back part and the cartilaginous part that attaches to the sternum. On him, the part where they meet is sort of pushed in. They are hoping that will resolve itself with time.
5. The super-restrictions on fun have to be in place for at least 2 weeks.
6. The castration site might look a little pink because they de-hair the testicle site. He should not be messing with it too much though and we need to watch for that and also watch for any real redness or swelling.
7. Had his defect not been fixed, he still could have faced the same problems with the intestines possible going somewhere they shouldn't and he also would have had much less protection of his intestines and spleen, with his organs being on top of his ribs. He was a lot more vulnerable that way.
8. The fluid pocket should gradually start to go down and it should have *started* to go down by the time a couple weeks have passed when he goes in to get his staples out.
forget me nots

today is national frozen food day + accomplishing stuff

I did not know this until just now. But for lunch I used frozen vegetables in my rice mix. So it worked out. Lately this has been my sleepy time of day. I want a nap but it's not a good idea.

I have gotten things done today. I dropped off my car to be fixed, gave Biscuit his pain meds, put the flea/ear mite stuff on all the cats, washed a load of towels and just put them in the dryer, mixed up some foot soak stuff, made and ate lunch and started catching up on my flist.