February 27th, 2008

forget me nots

back to normal life today

Back to a normal work day. Well, mostly. I need to work more to make up some hours but it was back to getting up at 5 this morning. And I have pages to proof and weddings to type. And things to update on the club calendar.

Looks like there are two other people off in early July so we probably won't be able to do our normal Chicago trip. Alas.

I want to go back to bed.
forget me nots


Question Mark (of question mark and the mysterians) is here talking to Sue again. Such an interesting looking dude.
forget me nots

loooooooong time

It feels like it anyway. Normally, I'd be leaving in about 10 minutes but today (and maybe tomorrow) I'm going to attempt to stay 2 1/2 more hours after that. I will try to balance it with a little emailing. And typing. And more emailing, and then some more typing. Anyone want to email me? Yes? Please?