January 17th, 2008


"other birthdays", cold, crampy

Today is the day that some life insurance company somewhere thinks I turn 85. Well maybe they don't think about me at all any more. It's been many many moons since I have heard from them. But when I did, they offered me life insurance. I think I was a much younger lady of 71 or 72 then. They sent me the paperwork, conveniently partially filled out for me, and right there on the form it gave my birthdate as January 17, 1923. So I've been noting my "other birthday" ever since. So Happy Other Birthday to 85 year old me. 27 year old me will not become 28 year old me for another while yet.

Beginning to feel crampy. I think I should take some more ibuprofen before that becomes more of a problem. Also should start looking at some Thursday 13s. I'm finishing my coffee right now. Cold. I'm cold. The coffee isn't. I have leftover pasta for breakfast. Steve and I had a very tasty dinner last night.