January 4th, 2008

forget me nots

yesterday and today lists

I'm tired again, as I got to bed later than I ought to have. It's not nearly as bad as I expected. Makes me wonder how much Steve snores and how much effect it has on my sleep even if I don't know it. I only slept 6 hours or so but I feel better than I did yesterday.


  • Steve left for Chicago. He left before I got out of work so I didn't see him before he left. We exchanged a few txts though and I talked to him on the phone.
  • I got my car back. Wee! Harry came and we switched back. I missed my car and I am so happy it could be fixed. Harry is awesome. Yay!
  • Jack ran out of the yard when I was out there with him and I had to go chase him down. I need to find a way to secure the gate when I'm there. It was no fun.
  • My amazon package still did not arrive. Dammit.
  • I had some excellent peanut soup. There was a lot for me to take home too. I had some for breakfast. Yay!
  • I wrote a Thursday 13 but didn't have enough time to go around and read others'. Too bad for me that my Thursdays are rather busy. Maybe I should write them on Wednesday.


  • I will pick up Mikale from school again.
  • I might take Jack out before I go get him. He does not like waiting for me and is hungry when he gets out so maybe that will work better.
  • I hope my amazon package will arrive so I can entertain myself with its contents this weekend.
  • I will eat more leftover soup. Some chicken veggie noodle and some peanut. Just not at the same time. I also have hummus, tabouleh, greek? salad and 7 grain kashi salad. Perhaps I'll make some more whole wheat chewy bread and have some of that. At least I will not starve.
  • I again wish I could have a nap. Probably still not going to happen. Probably for the best I guess. I lose too much of the day that way.