December 31st, 2007

forget me nots


Just woke up from a nap. I am an exciting girl. Wee!

I had all sorts of dreams. I don't really remember them well now. Just that one involved me rescuing a gray cat from KittyKitty who was carrying him, all bloodied up, like he was a bunny or something. I guess he had roughed him up or something. I was trying to figure out how I'd help him and what I was going to do then. One of those times you wake up glad it's a dream.
forget me nots


I've been trying to figure out what I've done in recent years to ring in the new year. I'm missing a year!

Last year (2006) Steve and I watched Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas and that's it. I don't know if we even made it to midnight.

2005 we went to a party with Matt at his friends' house and watched people play beer pong. I think we may have gone to a bar after midnight.

we were in Chicago at the thing at Navy Pier.

2003 is missing. I don't remember what I did and there is nothing in my journal before or after to indicate for me. Dammit!