December 14th, 2007

forget me nots


I hate catch-up. I shouldn't be such a slacker about journalling.

It's cold this morning. I am feeling twinges of bladder problems and I am out of cranberry juice. It might be absolutely no fun to drink, but I think it does help. What would help more would be if I would drink more water like I'm supposed to. And pee more often. Of course one of the reasons I didn't at work is no longer there. So maybe that will help.

A couple days ago it was sunny outside and things were melting. This included frozen things on my car which then dripped inside, since the door is jacked up and not shut tight. Grrr. I got in and then realized I was sitting in water. My pants were soaked from ass to knee-pit. It didn't seem too wet after that and I didn't think much more about it. Until the next morning when it was really cold out and any moisture that remained froze. So yesterday morning I rode to work on my seat-cicle and decided that even if the price quote I got wasn't the best I could get, I was getting it done. Grrr. So that's happening today. It is necessary.

Tom brought home a surprise dog for Mary and Mikale. It's a 1 yr old Boxer named Jack. He seems like a sweetie, if a little energetic and bored. I think Tom expected a happier reaction from Mary. But a dog is more than just a dog and the commitment runs to more than just feed it and pet it once in a while. Jack the dog took me for a walk yesterday. He's strong!
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