November 22nd, 2007

forget me nots

hit the nail on the head

well did I ever call it.

So I was being ridiculous. I was being oversensitive. I was being horrible. And no she did *not* make me cry. *I* made me cry and no way was I going to put that guilt trip on her. And she wasn't criticizing, she was giving me advice.

I was just, y'know, reading it wrong. Totally my fault. As always.

At one point she swore at me and said she was thinking about not coming at all.

I think we're over it now. Not better, just with me having reaffirmed that it's better if I'm just not honest. If I just pretend that everything is fine like I've been doing for years. It keeps things running more smoothly.

Tomorrow everything will be fine and I will never know if people appreciated me or not. And I don't know if I'm supposed to care or need it.
frowny fish


When I got up at 5 to check, I found the turkey had leaked all over the oven and there is a bubbling puddle on the bottom. It's not done yet, I'm pretty sure but I have absolutely no idea how close it is. My eyes are a little sting-y because there is a light smokeyness to my kitchen from the turkey puddle.

Is this even safe? it makes me a little paranoid about going back to sleep but I haven't even gotten 4 hours.

And how the hell do I clean it up later?